Safety Speaker

Safety Speaker

Kina Repp - safetyKina's message is about encouraging workplace safety and personal responsibility. The day that changed her life forever started like every other day. She didn't plan or expect an accident. Kina uses her workplace injury to motivate and teach others what she hopes they will never have to experience.

Kina has an important and unique opportunity to teach employees and workers to build a safety consciousness. She is dedicated to reducing occupational injuries by raising awareness about workplace hazards and making safe choices at work.

Just knowing about safety isn't enough. Kina can help your company by speaking workplace safety from her perspective, and create impactful and inspiring message. Nothing delivers the importance of safety better than a personal story. Her presentation gives witness to the devastating consequences of poor safety habits. Kina’s message is delivered in a way that allows the audience to learn from her workplace tragedy. Don’t wait for an accident to change the way you do things. Today is the day!


“Let my accident be the one you never have.” -Kina Repp

Kina's Safety Presentations can:

  • Grab attention and make a lasting impression on employees
  • Change lives and help reduce occupational injuries
  • Inspire and motivate audiences to make safe choices at work
  • Show audiences how to turn adversity into positive energy and success

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