Kina's zest for life is an inspiration

“I really was moved by your presentation, your story will have a lasting effect on the majority of folks at our plant.  Your will to survive and zest for life is an inspiration to all to make the most of our lives.  Thanks for sharing your story.” ~ Don S, Safety Coordinator, Baldwinsville Brewing Department

Powerful...it changed the way our employees look at safety

“After speaking during a recent safety event our employees were just blown away by her story and the message that Kina delivered. When she talked about the day of the accident as “just another day” it really hit home to all, that with one careless act, a tragic accident can affect their lives forever.  Kina’s message is powerful yet entertaining and she delivers it with professionalism and tact. This truly changed the way our employees look at safety.” ~ Robert P, IMG

The most inspirational person that I have met

“Thank you for bringing Kina here and having her share her story. I think she is the most beautiful, outgoing, inspirational person that I have met. I learned a lot from her and after her story I think about all the times I have done something and got that gut feeling but didn’t listen, But I will definitely listen now. Tell her that she is an amazing person and I’m honored to have met her.” ~ Colleen

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