Kina’s story is powerful, provocative and inspiring

“What a wake up call! A moment in time, just a second or two and a life changes for ever.  Kina’s story is powerful, provocative and inspiring. The story delivers the message “Your Safety is up to You” with clarity and emotion. Her story relives this life event each time she ties her shoes or has a young child tug at her empty sleeve. Kina speaks to the affect an injury has on the employee; but, the far reaching consequences “ripple affect” to others. Her presentation is well worth your investment.” ~ Barry Ware, Vice President/General Manager, Franz Bakery (Seattle, Washington)

It could have been one of us

“While Kina's personal background, education, and ability to connect with the audience made her story both innocent and touching, the realization of her tragic accident was also shocking and graphic. She made us understand that it could have been one of us, or worse yet, one of our family members. Her story reminded all of us that safety accidents do not discriminate with regards to age, sex, or race and they rarely give the guilty party a second chance. I would recommend to friends and business associates to have Kina address their employees to speak about safety and share her story..” ~ Gary Lape, Vice President Operations, Heath Consultants Incorporated

Kina's ability to work humor into the speech is fantastic

“Thank you again for speaking to us. I thought the pictures added a great touch to your story and your ability to work humor into the speech is fantastic. I was certainly touched by you and I thank you for that.” ~ Kasey

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